11|27 Studio is located in Savignano sul Rubicone (FC) Italy,  and it’s run by Filippo -Filo- Rambelli.

About me:

My name is Filippo Rambelli and I am a freelance producer and mixing engineer.
I have been immersed in music since I was a baby, moving from my father’s classic listening to then embarking on a path as a guitarist. In the meantime I kept cultivating my love for playing drums and singing.
I’ve never wanted to confine myself to a genre, but I have realized that I am always seeking something with a strong emotional charge. Whether it’s metal, hard rock, electronic music, punk or jazz, my passion pulses unchanged.

In 2006 i realized that i wanted to make my music sound how i was hearing it in my head. I wanted to have control over the sound, since it’s a crucial part of the medium between the artist and the listener. I kept perfecting the craft through the years, , and never stopped learning and growing.

Listen to my work

  • Next Time Mr. Fox - Bestias feat Alex from Malevolence (Tracked | Edited | Co-produced by Filo)
  • Next Time Mr. Fox - Basilisk (Bass, Guitars, Vocals Tracked | Edited by Filo)
  • Model Decoy - Hearts in Atlantis (Mix | Master by Filo)
  • The L.A. Maybe - She’s Reckless (Mix | Master by Filo)
  • Team DORSIA - I See You (Reamp | Mix | Master by Filo)
  • Miss Fortune - Fentanyl (Mix | Master by Filo)
  • Binary Code - 707 (Mix | Master | Add. production by Filo)
  • Young Ghosts - Relapse (Mix | Master | Add. production by Filo)

Next Time Mr. Fox – Basilisk (Lyric Video)

Music recorded and edited by Filo @ 11|27 Studio